David Marin.

Lo unico que se hacer en la vida es tomar fotos. Lo que pasa es que para tomar buenas fotos hay que saber de muchas cosas distintas.

4 Responses to “David Marin.”

  1. Sabes hacer mucho mas que eso… 😀

  2. Dear David,

    My name is Ted Stokley and I am writing on behalf of “Memoir (and)”, a nonprofit literary journal that supports the work of emerging and established writers and artists, and encourages the development of memoirs in many forms as an emerging art form. In each issue we include prose, poetry, narrative photography and graphic memoir.

    I am the Photo Editor for “Memoir (and).” In our upcoming issue, the visual theme for the narrative photographs is “Demonstrations.” We think this is a timely topic considering current world events.

    I saw a wonderful photograph of yours, “Riot.” http://www.flickr.com/photos/dedopingue/418328547/ that my editors and I think portray this theme.

    Are you interested in having some of your photographs included in our issue? If so, please contact me at your earliest convenience at tstokley@memoirjournal.com for more details.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Ted Stokley
    Photo Editor
    MEMOIR (and)
    (415) 339-3142

  3. Ted, You’ve got mail.

  4. Que hubo, pinguino, como va todo?

    Solo para saludar, para decir que son las 2 am y que llevo 1 hora leyendo el blog, todo el rato con la boca abierta, tratando de recordar todo, aunque sea imposible pero tratando.

    Gracias por la poesía, viejo, de verdad gracias.


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